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We provide complete support for film shoots, permissions, equipment, logistics and professionals.

We provide complete support for film shoots, permissions, equipment, logistics and professionals.


We are a New Delhi based film and content production company focused on line production and facilitation in 35 countries.

With a proved track record, contacts and partners in each region at both government and private levels, India Shoots can deliver in a way no one else can. 

India Shoots takes care of your film shootings in India and outside. Backed by a highly-skilled, vastly experienced team and globally-connected team, we handhold your film productions, providing the most modern equipment, shooting permissions, subsidy- grants guidance and logistics facilitation in a hassle-free manner. We understand Cinema and its diverse requirements, contingencies and last-minute adjustments and align ourselves to your need.

Headed by Manoj Srivastava, who established Goa as a Film Destination by creating Single Window Clearance system for film shooting permissions, as the Chief Executive Officer of the Entertainment Society of Goa, head the company as the Chairman. India Shoots benefits immensely with his international connections and experience.

Young and dynamic Chief Executive Officer, Kunal Srivastava heads India Shoots with a vision to make it global in the next three years. A management graduate with a Broadcast Journalism Diploma, Kunal infuses great ideas and energy and leads a highly motivated and effective young team.

So, whether you need equipment, logistics, shooting permissions, script approvals, subsidy guidance, technical advice or just any other help pertaining to line production, we are there to help.

Our highly capable production team that leverages on its own skill sets along with the high-end technical resources provided in-house, streamlines and gives a one-stop solution for a much clearer response to your needs. India Shoots is the result of diversely talented and immensely enthusiastic people coming together to form a group that never follows what’s incumbent but believes in creating a path of its own that’s unique, perceptible and above all engagingly concerned with the brand.

We have partners from Europe, the US, Canada, Australia, China, Japan. Korea, Middle-East and whole of South East Asia assisting us in world-class productions, connections and ideas.

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