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Film in

35 Countries

We provide complete support for film shoots, locations, permissions, visa, equipment, logistics, professionals, rebates, taxation, and legal.

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Access to a wide pool of International locations and rebates/subsidies.

We specialize in Rebate, Subsidy and taxation Structuring.

With a proven track record, contacts and partners in each region at both government and private levels, India Shoots can deliver internationally in a way no one else can. 

Our highly capable production team that leverages on its own skill sets along with the high-end technical resources provided in-house, streamlines and gives a one-stop solution for a much clearer response to your needs. India Shoots is the result of diversely talented and immensely enthusiastic people coming together to form a group that never follows what’s incumbent but believes in creating a path of its own that’s unique, perceptible and above all engagingly concerned with the brand.

We have partners from Europe, the US, Canada, Australia, China, Japan. Korea, Middle-East and whole of South East Asia assisting us in world-class productions, connections and ideas.

We have a global presence, a huge network with reliable international production contacts. 

With its global presence and wide network, India Shoots is committed to facilitate your film shoots in a hassle free manner.

We love new projects!
Let's get started. 

Looking for a dynamic team? Can't wait to get your hands on State-of-the-Art Equipment? We would love to hear from you. Please fill the contact form or email us at

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