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Hungary is the first port of call for producers from Western Europe wanting to cut their costs Hungary offers huge rebate on Films, Television and other Audio-Visual Productions. Hungary serves as an alternative to European cities like London, Moscow, Berlin, it shares the same architecture. Excellent crews and equipment, diverse geography, low costs, state-of-the-art studios make it a popular choice for international producers. 

Rebate: 25% Tax Rebate

Temperature: -5 to 30 Degrees

Avg. Rainfall: 60 mm

Easy Permissions

Diverse Locations


Hungary offers up to 25% tax rebate in the form of a cash refund for qualifying productions.


Talent is non-union and buyouts are negotiable.


​Green Hills | Snow Mountains | ​Beaches | ​Temperate Rainforest | Green Plains | Dry Lands | Semi Desert | Plateau | ​Glacier | Alpine Forest | Lakes | Deciduous | Forests | ​Rivers | Vineyards


To know more about Country, Recent Productions, Tax Incentives, Permits, Locations, Studios, Facilities, Equipment, Crew, Legal Compliance, Regulations, Filming Laws, Co-Productions, Tax Rebates, Ethic Compliance, Partnership Agreements, Financing Options, Refund Process, Government Support, State promotion schemes, Equipment, Local Film Professionals, Versatile Locations contact us at

For specific and categorized locations such as castles, parks, public buildings, transport, rural, nature, hotels, beaches, residential buildings, infrastructure, streets, medieval architecture etc. please contact us.

Discuss the shots and let us give you the perfect locations for a defined budget anywhere in the world. 

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