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Georgia is located in eastern Europe, and is bordered by the Russia, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Black Sea. It's a three-hour flight from most major cities in Scandinavia, Europe and Russia. Shooting in Georgia is estimated as being around 40% cheaper than in other European countries and 20% cheaper than Hungary. Apart from its natural landscape Georgia also provides a varied range of architectural heritage, with many examples of European styles dating back as far as the 13th century. Excellent crews and equipment, diverse geography, low costs, state-of-the-art studios make it a popular choice for international producers.

Rebate: 25% Cashback

Temperature: -6 to 30 Degrees

Avg. Rainfall: 1530 mm

Easy Permissions

Diverse Locations


Georgia's brand new cash rebate programme is now in operation and Sarke Studio was the first Studio to get the cashback. The incentive comes in the form of a 20% cash rebate, with an additional 2-5% for productions that include various aspects of Georgian heritage. The minimum eligible expenditure for the rebate is US$230,000 for feature films. ​


Georgia ranks 9th in the World Bank’s ease of business index, where a limited bureaucracy works fast alongside a visitor-friendly visa system. The crime rate is zero and permissions are easily attainable.


​Green Hills | Snow Mountains | ​Beaches | ​Temperate Rainforest | Green Plains | Dry Lands | Semi Desert | Plateau | ​Glacier | Alpine Forest | Lakes | Deciduous | Forests | ​Rivers


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For specific and categorized locations such as castles, parks, public buildings, transport, rural, nature, hotels, beaches, residential buildings, infrastructure, streets, medieval architecture etc. please contact us.

Discuss the shots and let us give you the perfect locations for a defined budget anywhere in the world. 

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