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Your Idea

Our Effort

We provide complete support for film shoots, permissions, equipment, logistics and professionals.

Hyrid Events or Virtual Events

We are a complete creative and production services agency.

Live Production Setup

We line produce your films offering a wide spectrum of film and television equipment, crews, trained manpower, all logistics including wide-ranging lodging – boarding, transportation, all production-related services and support anywhere in the world.

Creative Team

We have our panel of distinguished directors and technicians who have directed commercials for a variety of big Consumer Brands, be it automobile, apparel, cosmetics, industrial, food, sports, etc.

Speaker Training

Cast talent from all ethnicities across the world. Whether they are Speaking Actors or Extras, we help you set the right tone of people in the film irrespective of the location.

Event Platform

We specialize in obtaining Filming Permits, Visa Facilitation for 100+ crew size, Government Support, Carnets and logistics

Content + Engagement

We specialize in Rebates, Subsidies, Taxation for our international shoots and help maximize the budget and logistics for large productions.

Revenue and Budgeting

Our Production prowess combines with our creative capabilities to generate excitiing world class content for both digital and conventional media.

Networking Platform

Increase your digital prowess with our digital media buying services. With ever-growing digital media, we stragegise the media

Media Planning & Buying

We are a first-line media buying agency providing spaces in OOH, Radio Spots, TV Spots, Print, Cinemas, Airlines and Digital.


We work with various media influencers on Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok to catapult the reach of the brand and the creatives.

Content Production

We produce content for Commercials, Digital, Print, Television, Radio etc 

Why us? With a persistent focus on quality, India Shoots is one of the biggest full range film production services providers in Asia.

International Production Support

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