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Film in Oman: The Success of 'Badass Ravikumar' Sets the Stage for Film Production in Oman

Badass Ravikumar Oman

The recently shot film  ‘Badass Ravikumar in Oman has opened vast possibilities for film shoots in Oman. A high-octane action film helmed by the multifaceted Himesh Reshammiya was shot by our production company India Shoots, proudly based in Oman. We had the privilege of managing and filming this cinematic venture over an extensive period of 40 days, showcasing the best that Oman has to offer to an international audience.

"Badass Ravikumar" features an ensemble cast, including the dynamic Prabhudeva and the glamorous Sunny Leone, who brought their star power to the Omani settings, adding an exotic flavor to the movie’s vibrant narrative. The film's production saw various breathtaking locations across Oman ranging from the serene sands of the Wahiba Desert, bustling streets of Muscat, Al Hoota Caves in Al Hamra mountains, Barr Al Jissah Marina, Qantab Beach, Rozna Restaurant, The Caves Restaurant, Al Bustan Hotel, W Hotel, Diplomatic Club, Yiti Heights, Marina at Al Mouj, beaches with the coastline of Mutrah Corniche providing a diverse backdrop that enriches the film’s visual appeal.

Badass Ravikumar Prabhudeva

Our team worked diligently to ensure a seamless filming process, navigating the logistical challenges of shooting in multiple locations while highlighting Oman’s natural beauty and cultural heritage. The collaboration with Himesh Reshammiya and his team was a testament to the thriving potential of Oman as a destination for international film productions.

Himesh Reshammiya, known for his multifarious talents as a singer, actor, and filmmaker, expressed his admiration for Oman’s landscapes and the warm hospitality received during the shoot. He remarked, "Oman has provided us with an incredible array of backdrops that are both visually stunning and logistically accommodating. The local support and the dedication of the Omani production team have been instrumental in bringing 'Badass Ravikumar' to life."

The film was a part of the relentless efforts of the Sultanate of Oman to develop Oman as a Film Destination and compete with other countries at the international level. The exercise was a part of a grand plan to offer financial incentives to Film Production companies in Oman to attract international film shoots and film business.


As the film progresses towards its release, "Badass Ravikumar" is set to not only entertain audiences but also serve as a showcase of Oman’s picturesque and versatile landscapes. This project marks a significant step forward in our mission to promote Oman as a premier location for global film production, demonstrating the seamless integration of world-class cinema with the rich and diverse environments of our beautiful country.

Stay tuned for more updates on "Badass Ravikumar" and the upcoming opportunities for Oman in the world of international filmmaking.

India Shoots, along with MSM Entertainment Oman Line Produced the film in Oman for a period of 40 Days.


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