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Exclusive preview of 'Valley of Shadows', a new adventure thriller starring Miguel Herrán

Updated: Feb 29

Valley of Shadows

The Spanish film 'Valley of Shadows', directed by Salvador Calvo and starring Miguel Herrán, is set to release on January 12. The film takes us to the Himalayan Valley in India, where the protagonist, played by Herrán, finds himself in a survival story scripted by Alejandro Hernández. The movie also features Susana Abaitua, Iván Renedo, Alexandra Masangkay, Stanzin Gombo, and Morup Namgyal.

The story is set in the Himalayan Mountains in 1999, where Quique, Clara, and little Lucas are on their first vacation together in northern India. During a stormy night spent sleeping outdoors, they are attacked by bandits, and Quique is later rescued by a native and taken to an isolated village in the mountains. With no way to return to civilization, Quique is trapped there until the arrival of winter, which allows the formation of the only way out of the village: the frozen river.

The journey back, however, is treacherous and filled with dangers, as Quique sets off with several children from the village. The film was shot in various locations in the Himalayas and the Canary Islands and produced by Javier Ugarte, Jaime Ortiz de Artiñano, Ikiru Films, and El Reino de Zanskar AIE. In anticipation of the premiere, Mundo Deportivo has shared an exclusive trailer.

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