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Filming 'Valle de sombras' in India: Challenges & Inspirations

Spanish director Salvador Calvo ventures into the Himalayan mountains of India to film "Valle de sombras" ("Valley of Shadows"), featuring Miguel Herran from Money Heist, narrating an adventure tale delving into guilt amidst perilous landscapes. Despite being a Spanish production, the crew comprises mostly Indians, facilitating smoother operations amidst the Himalayan challenges. Security measures are stringent due to Herran's popularity, necessitating crowd management.

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Calvo's third feature film project, taking three years to materialize, aims for completion by next winter, set against the backdrop of Kullu Valley, Himachal Pradesh. Recreating India proves challenging, prompting on-location shoots.

India Shoots
Director Salvador Calvo with Miguel Herran

Inspired by backpacker incidents in the late 1990s, Calvo explores the region's allure and perils, attracting youth for recreational activities, yet susceptible to assaults. The film, delving into personal dilemmas, reflects on the region's complexities. Navigating through pandemic challenges, Calvo assesses filming scenarios in northern India. The story follows Quique, Clara, and Lucas, a family journeying to India for healing, disrupted by unforeseen events leading to Quique's introspection amid a lost town.

Set in 1999, sans modern technology, the narrative explores Quique's journey towards self-forgiveness, amidst personal turmoil. The film captures the essence of India's mystique and challenges, promising an immersive cinematic experience.

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