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Miguel Herrán's Experience Filming "Valle de Sombras" in the Indian Himalayas

Spanish actor Miguel Herrán is currently in India filming Salvador Calvo's new movie, Valle de Sombras (Valley of Shadows). Known for his role as Río in the Netflix hit series Money Heist, Herrán shared his experience of being in the remote Himalayas for his latest leading role. He mentioned that the challenges posed by filming in the mountains were worth it as he got to explore and appreciate a new culture and some of the most welcoming places in the Indian Himalayas.

Valle De Sombras


While playing the protagonist Quique in Valle de Sombras, Herrán was also able to visit breathtaking landscapes such as the Kullu Valley and the Buddhist monastery of Kee Gompa. However, he also witnessed discrimination against children from the Dalit community and the rife poverty in the country, which made him realize what is important in life. He emphasized the significance of family and acknowledged the hardships that his character, Quique, faces in the movie, including a dilemma that changes his life forever. 

Herrán's latest film has guilt as a central theme, and his character embarks on a journey of forgiveness with himself. Herrán believes that life moves on, no matter how much happens to you, and that's what his character learns in the movie. When asked about his most surreal moment in India, Herrán shared an encounter with a man from Ladakh who showed up at his hotel with his three daughters and proposed that he marry one of them. 

Despite being in a remote place, Herrán was surprised at how well-known he was in India. Overall, Herrán's experience in India has allowed him to appreciate new cultures and places and also reminded him of the importance of family and what truly matters in life.

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