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"Valley of Shadows" Receives Three Goya Award Nominations

Goya Awards
Goya Awards - Spain

The movie "Valley of Shadows," directed by Salvador Calvo, who is known for his successes in "1898. The Last of the Philippines" and "Adú," has received three coveted nominations for the 2023 Goya Awards. The film has captivated critics and viewers alike in the categories of Best Production Direction, Best Makeup and Hairstyling, and Best Special Effects, demonstrating the technical and artistic mastery displayed in each aspect. 

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The story is set in the Himalayan Mountains in 1999, where Quique, Clara, and little Lucas, on a vacation in northern India, are attacked by bandits while sleeping outdoors during a storm. The film depicts Quique's fight for survival after being rescued by a native and finding himself trapped in a remote village in the mountains, with no possibility of returning to civilization. The movie narrates the dangerous and challenging journey that Quique undertakes, along with several children from the village, to return home through the frozen river, giving rise to an exciting drama full of unexpected twists. 

Filming in Himalayas

The talented actor Miguel Herrán plays the protagonist of this survival story, who was previously awarded the Goya Award for Best New Actor for his performance in "A Cambio de Nada." Herrán shares the screen with a stellar cast that includes Susana Abaitua, Iván Renedo, Alexandra Masangkay, Stanzin Gombo, and Morup Namgyal.

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